Sunday, 29 January 2012

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Compass Sport Cup update from Club Captain

Team members must enter themselves via oentries on the course you have been asked to run. The club will refund 50% of the entry fee. There are a couple of options regarding the refund. The refund can be collected from the Club Captain on the day. Alternatively if you are planning to enter either the JK or British relay your refund will cover most of the entry fee. Please let the Club Captain know so he can have refunds available.
The team has been selected to try and achieve the highest possible score. As a result you may be asked to run a shorter course than you are used to, but points are important and your position will push other teams down.

Brown Men (Open)

Blue Women (Open)

Paul Wilmore

John Taylor

Mike Johnson

Tony Marlow

Andy Quickfall

Paddy Walsh

Peter Collins

Heather Gardner

Rowena Brown

Jo Taylor

Deb Murrell

Sarah Watkins

Blue Men (M45+ M20-)

Green Women (W45+ W20-)

Quentin Harding

Mark Edwards

John Ockenden

Gavin Smith

Ian Selby

Jon Carberry

John Brewer

Alex Finch

Chris Roberts

Roy McGregor

Steve Wrigley

Karen Nash

Mary Ockenden

Jane Anthony

Karen Quickfall

Juliet Bentley

Jane Collins

Green Men (M60+)

Light Green (M18- , W18-)

Julian Lailey

Mike Wilmore

Martin Roome

Brian Jackson

Paul Ferguson

Bill Hyslop

Dick Collins

Bob Nash

Philip Gager

Tom Barkas

Chris Nash

Zoe Harding

Helen Ockenden

Kira Browne

Dan Selby

Orange (M14-, W14-)

Short Green Veterans (M75+, W60+

Laurence Johnson

Jacob Roberts

Annie Ockenden

Peter Knott

Cherith Knott

Glenys Ferguson

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