Wednesday, 21 June 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Halton Sprint results

All the best urban events have a bit of controversy and last night's event at Halton was no different! With apologies for the delay, the results are now on line and may be viewed from the Results Page.
The query which delayed publication was regarding leg 2-3 on the Final, where the direct route was blocked by a hedge marked as uncrossable (i.e. forbidden to cross). There were two alternative routes, but some competitors took the direct route and discovered that there was a hole in the hedge, and some of them went through. The adjudication panel was fortunate to include IOF adviser David Rosen whose recommendations were followed. The options were:
1. Do nothing. But then those who cheated (intentionally or not) benefit.
2. Disqualify those who went through the hedge. But some didn’t realise it was illegal to go though. The difference between green with black and ordinary dark green is a subtle one. And it is difficult to identify those who transgressed.
3. Void the course. It is not a significant enough issue to warrant that.
4. Remove that leg. The only downside of that is that anyone who made a mistake on that leg which was not related to the hedge will have that mistake eliminated. But (apart from the hedge), it was very simple so that isn't an issue.
Leg 2-3 was therefore excluded from the times of all runners.

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