Thursday, 15 March 2018

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Night Street League - the finale

The Prize Giving for the 2017-18 Street League series took place on a pleasant evening in Garstang, hopefully a good time was had by all. Apologies for control site 21, it was not part of an advert suggesting you went to Specsavers, but was rather optimistic on my part - hope it didn't spoil anyone's run. We have also reinstated the 2 times which produced anomalies because dibbers were not cleared and checked!
I am very grateful to Miriam for agreeing to do the prize giving and to Karen N for ensuring that we have already a complete set of events for the next series. Just the summer to get through before we start again.
A list of the series Prize Winners can be found here.
In addition the results from Garstang can be found here. There are two sets of results . The Gross results for the evening, and congratulations to John Embrey on winning. The second set using the special Prize Giving Handicap system, this year courtesy of Karen N. So congratulations to Tony Varley on a storming end to the season.
Once again many thanks to all those who organised events and to the many regulars who make the whole series worthwhile.
See you soon - Bob & Karen.

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