Friday, 29 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Schools League scores

Here are the scores for the Lancaster and District Schools League after the first of the three events in the series. In the Primary section Christchurch have taken a narrow lead over over the winners of the April Schools Challenge winners, Bolton-le-Sands, but there are many points for all schools to claim over the next two events.
In the Secondary section, Lancaster Girls Grammar are out on their own – but there could be other senior schools at the next events!
There were a number of school age entrants who had no school declared There is still time to update these before or at the next event, so it's possible that the Happy Mount Park scores will be revised.
Well done to all concerned! Make sure you all bring reinforcements from your schools to the next event at Williamson Park on 7th October, where the competition will be sure to hot up!

Updates of schools of entrants to me please,   

Thursday, 28 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Last call for CST Final Entries 22/10/17

Following our success in the heats last March, SROC are through to the finals taking place in Devon on Sunday 22nd Oct. Details for this event can be found on the  event website If you have not let me know already and would like to be entered please let me (Quentin) know by 3rd Oct. The club will pay your entry fees and I will try and co-ordinate transport for those who would like to share.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Happy Mount Park Results

Well done to all of you who came and by the looks of it enjoyed yourselves! Many of you did more than one course, including Micah who did all 5 courses!
For those of you competing in the schools league, points will be put up over the next day or so. A number of juniors did not declare a school on their registration slip, and if this was an error please email me on with your name and school and I will update the results and allocate you points in the league. If parents ran by themselves on a course you can also score, so let me know which school. To view the results click here.

With so many people doing more than one course, I fear that we may have lost the results for just a few people on their 2nd or subsequent runs – the software or we got confused. I am really sorry about this, but it wont affect the schools scoring. We have defined a better system for the next event at Williamson Park, Lancaster, which is on Saturday 7th October – see you there! And bring more friends and family – we can cope! Martyn Roome

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) AGM Thursday Sept 14

The SROC AGM will take place at Garstang fire station at 7.30 on Thursday. It is a social affair so do bring something for a jacobs join after the business is done.

Monday, 11 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Night Street Orienteering new season starts soon!

The street orienteering league, comprising ten events at fortnightly intervals plus a series finale event, returns for the 2017-2018 season starting on Wednesday 25th October. These events are great for winter training and are very sociable occasions with most being held from a pub or similar, The first event is based at the Brook Tavern in Plunginton (Preston) with a newly mapped area. This pub doesn't normally do food in the evenings but we have been offered a choice of lasagne or veggie lasagne at around £2,50 a head. Pre-orders for food please direct to Karen Nash.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Autumn Series kicks off soon

Summer may be over but we now have the SROC Autumn Series to look forward to. The first event in the series will be in Happy Mount Park on Saturday 23rd September. This event incorporates the Lancaster & District Schools Orienteering League but will also have two different sprint courses for more experienced competitors. Full details here.

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