Sunday, 24 September 2017

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Happy Mount Park Results

Well done to all of you who came and by the looks of it enjoyed yourselves! Many of you did more than one course, including Micah who did all 5 courses!
For those of you competing in the schools league, points will be put up over the next day or so. A number of juniors did not declare a school on their registration slip, and if this was an error please email me on with your name and school and I will update the results and allocate you points in the league. If parents ran by themselves on a course you can also score, so let me know which school. To view the results click here.

With so many people doing more than one course, I fear that we may have lost the results for just a few people on their 2nd or subsequent runs – the software or we got confused. I am really sorry about this, but it wont affect the schools scoring. We have defined a better system for the next event at Williamson Park, Lancaster, which is on Saturday 7th October – see you there! And bring more friends and family – we can cope! Martyn Roome

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