Sunday, 25 March 2018

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Farleton Knott

The rescheduled Farleton Knott event went ahead today in lovely Spring sunshine; so different to the weather just a few weeks ago when it was snowed off. Results are available here, with additional analysis including RouteGadget, Winsplits Online and Splitsbrowser also available. A slight glitch affected about 20 runners, meaning they were not shown in the first version of the results as published. This has now been corrected everywhere. Another gremlin crept into the map during its geo-referencing which means that courses were actually longer than advertised. The correct lengths were White 1.5, Yellow 2.7, Orange 3.5, Light Green 4.0, Short Green 3.0, Green 4.4, Blue 6.7, Brown  8.8. These lengths are still comfortably within guidelines and some very fast times were recorded. We hope that no-one's enjoyment was affected.

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