Wednesday, 3 October 2018

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Street League 2018-19

The nights are rapidly drawing in so it is time, with 3 weeks to go, to get organised for the next SROC Street League season. Pencils need sharpening, torches need checking, reflective vests need finding and bodies, both muscles and minds, need fine tuning for the challenge to come.
This year in addition to the usual trophies and prizes on offer we have 2 new trophies. The John o'Gaunt trophy which will be based on a Lancaster event, with the inaugural event being on the 23rd January at Torrisholme. The second trophy will be in memory of Maurice Dean who sadly died recently and many of you will remember him as an enthusiastic member of the Street League 'scene'. It is proposed that this trophy be aimed at the 65+ section of competitors and based on the best 5 age related scores, a suitable name for this trophy yet to be agreed (suggestions welcomed, ideally not rude!).
The season 'kicks off' with Rowena's event in Lancaster West on 24th October we look forward to seeing many of you there. Details of all the other venues are available here.

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