Saturday, 19 March 2016

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) Cottam scores and league winners

So the 15/16 Winter Series has come to an end with a pleasant night for running at Cottam.
Many thanks to all those who turned up to run and a special thanks to Karen N for undertaking the entries and with the marking, also many thanks to Rowena, Tony, Maurice and Peter and any others I was not aware of. The results from Cottam are on the web and are 'done in a different way' to the rest of the Series. Your Multiplier for the Cottam night is calculated from your average Gross points score from the series (this is in red) and is only calculated if you have done at least 3 events. There are then 3 columns; the black shows your score on the night; the blue shows your score using the usual series multiplier as used in the other 10 events, and the red shows your score using the 'Cottam' multiplier, this is the one used to choose the 'winner' or in this case winners. So subject to any queries, congratulations go to Catherine Oaks and Gillian Welch and if they would like to contact me I can arrange for their certificates to be got to them.

Once again many thanks to all who took part in the Series as participants and especially as organisers and don't forget to check on the SROC and SELOC websites for the forthcoming Summer Series - Bob Nash

Street League Awards for 2015/16
Tower Trophy  Jane Anthony/Tony Marlow
Guild Trophy Iain Embrey
Gross Scores
Men's Champion Quentin Harding
Second Man John Embery
Third Man Luigi Lerose
Ladies Champion Jane Anthony
Second Lady Rebecca Harding
Third Lady Karen Nash
Pairs Champions Tracey Allan & Steve McLean
Second Pair Michelle Spencer & Darren Baker
Third Pair Albert & Abi Sunter
Age Adjusted
Under 21 Champion Josh Sammon
Second Under 21  Niall Greenhalgh
Overall winner (M/F) Quentin Harding
Equal Second (M/F) John Embrey
Equal Second (M/F) Jane Anthony
Fourth (M/F) Karen Nash
Fifth (M/F) Paul Turner
Sixth (M/F) Tony Marlow
Best Female Newcomer Erica Booth
Best Male Newcomer Niall Greenhalgh
Oldest Regular Street Leaguers Dawn & Bill Lock

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